Collaborate to set clear goals of what you want to accomplish with your Conference Podcast.


Form production schedules, RSS feeds, hosting, distribution platforms and all the little things.


Our team will handhold your hosts and guests through the production prosses from scheduling, recording, editing to posting.

Professional Creative and Technical Podcast Support

One reason why podcasting hasn’t yet reached saturation in the meetings and events space is because it requires a level of expertise and time that many planners simply don’t have. The good news is that we have developed a podcast production service packages to take care of all of the details for you. We also produce podcasts for business.

Handholding is included in our service package at no extra charge. Whether we help you create, launch and maintain your podcasts with your own host or ours during your event or year round, we provide all of the equipment, engineering staff and creative support you’ll need to be successful. Our producers and engineers will be present for the duration of all on-site recording sessions.

We will provide connection links to hosts and guests so all they have to do is open a link in a browser to connect, or (if they’re calling in) we will connect them by phone. After everyone is connected, we will perform sound checks on hosts and guests. During the recording, our engineers will note down time-stamps for future light editing and tightening.

Great Onsite Options too!

Onsite Recording Studio

Sponsor-branded podcasting booth/recording studio


On-site sponsor, attendee or member interviews


Show-floor news and breaking news

Show Content

General session and breakout session content capture for later podcast show creative shows


Members are looking for valuable content and podcasting builds member community.

Cut Overhead and Increase Sponsorship Revenue

A Podcast gives you more places to sell sponsorships that will get traction in social media.

18 Reasons why Podcasting is a “Must Have” for your Conference.

  1. Podcasting builds thought leadership and audience trust.
  2. The human voice connects with people in a way that the written word cannot. When people listen to your podcast, they can feel your emotion. They get a better sense of your event’s personality.
  3. Podcasts can be easily shared on social media.
  4. At an event, sponsors signage and booths come down. Podcasts remain accessible all year.
  5. Podcasting offers data points on actual downloads.
  6. Podcasts can be sponsored all year round to draw attention to your event.
  7. Podcasts help you build a community of fans for your event.
  8. Podcasts reach new audiences.
  9. Daily listeners bring their devices into places that other types of audio can’t reach.
  1. Podcasting during events is a great way to capture the excitement of the meeting and provide exposure to sponsors and exhibitors through verbal demonstrations, interviews with exhibitors and members.
  2. Podcasts are a great medium for engaging attendees year round.
  3. People can listen to your podcast while multitasking, something they can’t do while watching a video or reading a blog post.
  4. Podcasting is like the Netflix for audio. It’s “on-demand.” Listeners can search for shows by topic, browse archived episodes, and listen whenever they want.
  5. Over time, you will build up a valuable library of content, which can be shared and re-purposed.
  6. Podcasts allow you to build relationships with your sponsors, strategic partners, and exhibitors.
  7. People who listen to podcasts have a lot of passion for podcasts, and are likely to become raving fans.
  8. There is much less competition among podcasts than for blogs and other media.
  9. Podcasts generate positive cash flow from ads and sponsorships.


Mike Mcallen of Podcasting for Events

Mike McAllen

Mike McAllen started producing audio on demand in 2006. He produces and hosts hundreds of podcasts for both onsite or offsite conferences and events.

Mike Mcallen of Podcasting for Events
Mike Mcallen of Podcasting for Events

Chris Curran

Chris Curran started producing audio on demand in 2006 and is a much sought after producer/audio engineer. Most notable for engineering both the FORBES and Dun & Bradstreet Podcasts.


Erik K. Johnson

Erik K Johnson will coach you to develop a trusting relationship with your podcast audience. Learn how to tell great stories to captivate your audience.  Discover the true reason people listen and how you can tap into that strong, personal need.

What Makes Us Different?

Understanding Your Goals & Priorities

We understand that your attendees and members are important to you. We treat you and your conference or meeting with the respect you deserve. Our team get to know you and your goals, so we can present the full podcast options to engage, entertain or educate your audience.

We Know Meetings and Events

Backed by comprehensive, flexible solutions, actionable insights and with years of industry creative and production expertise we will shape your shows to what fits best for your audience. Interviews, recaps, past recorded sessions from your meetings, news etc…

Worry Free Results!

Our goal is to help you produce the best content possible all while taking any concerns off of your shoulders. We will always work with you and look at all available options to find the best solution for your individual confernce. If it means using captured content such as sessions or keynotes, to onsite and call in interviews. Our team will always handhold you and your speakers and executives through the process.

Direct Access & Availability

We are always available to answer your questions and address your ideas and concerns. Once you become our client, you will receive our personal phone numbers so you can reach us whenever you need to.

Our Clients & Partners

We’ve worked with production companies, event organizers and individual companies exhibiting at trade shows and conferences!

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